Russia’s attack on Ukraine on agenda for Halifax International Security Forum

Russia’s War on Ukraine: An Ongoing Conflict

Canada’s defense minister has stated that despite the ongoing war in the Middle East, Canada has not forgotten about Ukraine. The commitment of the United States, Canada, and their allies to support Ukraine remains strong. A Ukrainian brigade recently published footage of its fighters capturing Russian forces near Bakut, one of the bloodiest theaters of this war. Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in June to retake occupied land in the country’s south and east, but progress has been slow. The war in Ukraine is a major topic at the Halifax International Security Forum this year. Petro Poroshenko, the former president of Ukraine, joins us at the forum to discuss the current situation. He emphasizes that the conflict in Ukraine and the ongoing conflict in the Middle East share a common center: Russia. Poroshenko believes that defeating Russian aggression in Ukraine will ultimately lead to a resolution in the Middle East and other occupied territories.

Concerns about Shifting Focus

Poroshenko is not concerned that Western allies are shifting their focus towards the Middle East. He argues that the root cause of both conflicts is the same: Russia’s actions. He cites evidence showing that Hamas terrorists were trained by Russian instructors who were involved in the war in Ukraine. He believes that a victory for Ukraine will bring about significant geopolitical changes in the world.

Challenges in Securing Aid

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has required significant aid and support from Western countries. However, there are concerns about a shift in attitudes towards providing aid, particularly in the United States Congress. Poroshenko remains optimistic and has spoken with senators and congressmen who are committed to supporting Ukraine. He believes that the bipartisan support for Ukraine will prevail over the influence of a small group of populists.

Ukraine’s Progress in the War

Poroshenko acknowledges that progress in the war has been slow and difficult. He emphasizes that this is not a Hollywood movie where immediate results are expected. However, he highlights the daily fighting and casualties inflicted on Russian forces. He is confident that Ukraine is making positive movements and mentions successes in certain regions, such as the left bank of the Hon region and the Black Sea area. Poroshenko emphasizes the need for specialized technology and equipment to continue the counteroffensive effectively. Despite the challenges, Poroshenko believes that Ukraine has transformed the Russian army from the second-largest in the world to the second-largest in Ukraine. He emphasizes the importance of unity and responsibility in this common war. Together, we believe in our victory and strive to liberate Ukrainian soil from Russian occupation. This is crucial for ensuring sustainable security in the region and the world. Petro Poroshenko, former president of Ukraine, thank you for joining us today.

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