In March 2022, Jack Ma net worth was around $37.1 Billion.

Jack Ma is a passionate Tai Chi fighter.

The real name of Jack Ma is Ma Yun.

Jack Ma had a hobby in his childhood that is collecting crickets and making them fight against each other. 

Jack Ma failed his college entrance exam twice.

After finishing his degree, Jack Ma applied for as many jobs as he could. He got rejected by most of them, including by KFC.

Jack Ma bought the Château de Sours in Bordeaux in 2016. The vineyard has 85-hectare property producing 500,000 bottles of wine each year.

Jack Ma stepped down as chairman of Alibaba in 2019.

Jack Ma disappeared from the public eye in early 2021.

Jack Ma’s first job was as an English teacher.

Jack Ma named the company after Ali Baba and The 40 Thieves.

The first big investors in Alibaba were Goldman Sachs and Softbank

Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group includes 13 companies.